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Eafx - Enterprise Application Frameworks

Welcome to eafx, an enterprise application framework company.

We don’t just build Applications, we build Application Frameworks. Our frameworx approach enables you to power your SaaS applications with a common engine.

A combination of highly reusable implementation patterns, infrastructure architecture, lean methodologies, teamwork and intensely agile product planning empowers you to work with your teams and deliver products on time. Not just a single Application, but an Application Framework. A Framework that drives common implementation from polyglot persistence to client authentication and authorization, enabling your application development teams to focus on what they do best - build functionality for your business to succeed. We focus intensely on time to market and cost / benefit analysis to ensure that whether it is the data center, or your client’s device, your presence and user experience will enable success, business and customer productivity.

To find out more, reach out to us at sales@eafx.com. We’d love to share our adventures and journey at Enterprise Application FrameworX.

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